Thank You

Mission Accomplished

The last five years have been an amazing journey! I started HOH as a home based dog rescue with an end goal of saving dogs that were on lists to be euthanized. Every Friday I would drive to pick up dogs that were scheduled to be put down and would find them homes. Realizing I could not keep working from my home because of the legalities of having so many dogs within the city limits, I started looking for a building to move HOH into. August 4th of 2015 I found a building and officially moved HOH to Butler, Missouri, becoming Butler’s new animal shelter. Over the course of the last 5 years, with the help of many people, we saved over 1000 dogs from being euthanized. This was all done through private funding and donations from the general public. As some of you know, I have had some health issues over the past year and decided to retire a few months ago but I want to let everyone know that from what I understand, the city will carry on our No Kill mission and after a dog’s hold is up, the animal will be transferred to a facility in Northern Missouri to be adopted out. Mission Accomplished! In closing I would like to thank Cory Snead with Butler City Hall, The Police-Sheriff-Fire Departments in Butler, Dr. Sage & Staff, Dr. Wellborn & staff, Mark & Valerie Heckadon, Roger Cecil, Darlene King, Morgan McPeek, Kathy Keith, Patricia Hoskins, Genevieve Burk & Family, My Parents plus everyone in my family and also to each and everyone of you who helped us touch so many lives over the past five years!

Much love and respect,

Allen Brooks

If you still want to help, there are many organizations that need your assistance. Here are just a few that I feel are doing outstanding work and personally endorse!